Alberto Vazquez Photography


Our engagement and wedding photo experience with Alberto was exceptional. He was very professional and artistic.

From the moment we saw his blog and all the great photos he took, we knew he was the one we would be choosing. It was even a bigger plus to know that he would be traveling all the way to Riviera Maya, Mexico to capture this beautiful day.

All of our photographs turned out more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. Alberto had great suggestions as to where we could take some photos and he was flexible with our schedule.

It was almost surreal when we received our photos. Alberto had captured the feelings and the beauty in every photo. We were blessed with amazing surroundings and the lighting turned out great.

Alberto’s photo expertise showed within and throughout all our photos. Our family and friends have said they will be using him in any future events they have. I am constantly receiving positive compliments on our pictures. We highly recommend Alberto for any of your events. He has a great personality and we are confident he would treat you as well as he treated us. Great job Alberto!!

-Nicole and Albino

My husband and I’s decision to hire Alberto as our wedding photographer was well made as he was among the best vendors I had the opportunity to work with throughout the planning process. Alberto’s work undoubtedly speaks for itself but I personally have experienced his professionalism and skill firsthand. Highly flexible in accommodating both schedules and requests alike, Alberto produces cutting-edge and innovative work while making the process effortless, natural, and fun! Every single emotion of my wedding day was captured by his keen eye for the perfect shot, ranging from the joy, laughter, tears, smiles, and tender moments exchanged between my new husband and I. Upon reviewing my photos, I was overwhelmed and astounded that I can’t honestly pick a favorite because every single photo taken is unabashedly stunning. Alberto possesses a photographic vision unlike any others in his field which is precisely what makes his work stand boldly apart from all the rest and what immediately convinced me that he had to be my wedding photographer.

From us both, thank you Alberto for giving us the memories to look back upon for a lifetime.

Sincerely, -Travis & Pacer-2012


Cody and I cannot express how wonderfully lucky we were to have you be our photographer for all the aspects of our wedding. We could not have asked for anything more creative than our engagement pictures! Going to the beach and all the neat places were such great ideas...we are still getting compliments about them!! As for my bridal pictures, besides it being so much fun...they were amazing! Again, the locations you chose were so artistic and reflected the vision I wanted. They are so pretty and I sometimes cant believe that its me! For our wedding, you captured every important moment and even those candid shots that will always remind us of how special that day was. Photos are forever and we couldn't have asked for a better photographer and friend to capture all the real moments of our wedding! Thank you!

Cody & Karen Graham -2012

We were looking for a professional, reliable, and friendly photographer who was also creative and unique when our wedding planner suggested we meet Alberto. As soon as we met Alberto and were exposed to his work, we quickly realized that he encompassed all of the things that we were looking for in a photographer. From our first meeting, it was clear that Alberto’s intent was to please us and make our experience unique and special. After our first meeting, Heather was deployed and did not return till only a few weeks prior to our wedding. Alberto was willing to work with us despite the distance and time crunch. His friendly and professional nature set our minds at ease in an already stressful situation. After the deployment, Alberto arranged for Heather’s bridal photo shoot. He was able to combine traditional and modern styles and creatively and meaningfully incorporate items, some of which had been her late-Grandmother’s, that Heather had brought along for the shoot. Alberto did not mind Heather having a few of her close family/friends along for the photos, making Heather feel beautiful and at ease and creating an unforgettable day. For our wedding day, Alberto was involved from early in the morning till the last guest departed. He captured details about our wedding, in an original and imaginative way, that were so important to us. Like most brides and grooms on their busy day, we “missed out” on some of what went on during the day. However, through Alberto’s photos, we were able to re-live our wedding day and enjoy again even the smallest of details. Through his friendly and easy going personality, balanced with his take-charge attitude, Alberto became a key ingredient for our wedding. We would recommend Alberto to anyone for their special event and wish that our words could truly convey how grateful we are to Alberto.

-Heather & Chris -2012

My husband, Bryan, and I researched numerous photographers for our wedding. To us, pictures were a major part of the wedding. Our pictures were the only things we’d have to remember our special night, so we refused to simply settle for just anyone. We found Alberto through our planner. His pictures were the ones that led us to out planner in the first place! We were very pleased with our engagement session and couldn't’t wait for the wedding to come around to see his work again. When the wedding came around we did pre-ceremony pictures and I was excited about the pictures based on the location alone. In addition, I did a Trash the Dress session in a junk yard. Once we got our pictures back, they we beyond amazing! I couldn't’t have been happier with them! The compliments on our photos have been endless, Alberto was great to work with and we would recommend him to anyone! November 20,2010.

THE PHOTOGRAPHER … Alberto Vasquez is simply amazing. Alberto possesses a genuine spirit of love for people and a pure passion for photography. When I look at my photographs, I am still shocked at their raw beauty. With edgy fashion magazine poses and soft romantic looks, Alberto uncovered a side of me that no other photographer has ever captured. Architectural poses, modern day romance and sexy surrealism; Alberto was spot on every time. Alberto made me feel special, unique, sexy, and romantic. I have never felt so beautiful.

THE BRIDAL SHOOT… Alberto’s artistic style and creativity swept me away from the stereotypical bridal shoot that I felt was the boring and standard approach I often saw in other bridal shoots. Not only was the shoot fun and exciting, but more importantly, it was very calming and relaxing. Alberto’s professionalism exuded extreme comfort making the anxiousness from my rapidly approaching wedding day dissipate with every click of the camera. This innate ability to make me feel comfortable made it possible for me to express my best photogenic qualities for one of the most important and meaningful days of my life. Absolutely priceless!

THE WEDDING… Alberto was very knowledgeable about weddings and at times, guided us through parts of our wedding when we needed it most. This personal touch provided us with feelings of gratitude and warmth and gave us confidence that the months of planning would all come together. Alberto photographed every aspect of our spectacular wedding. It was if the camera lens was an extension of his mind, body and soul. The venue, the bride and groom before, during and after exchanging vows, the guests, and most importantly, the wedding ceremony from beginning to end were all captured with style, elegance, delicate precision and forethought. Be it close ups or wide angle shots, Alberto was there using his extraordinary talent to ensure that our wedding day would be frozen in time. Quite simply, the pictures are phenomenal!

FINAL THOUGHTS … My husband and I will be forever grateful to Alberto. Thanks to him, the essence of each moment unraveling on our wedding day will be at our fingertips. Alberto has literally taken the memories of the most important day of our lives and given us a way to travel back in time. An avenue to relive those feelings, to witness the faces of family and friends, and to remind us how special our wedding day was as we exchanged vows under the eyes of God. I once heard that when it is all said and done, all you have left are the photographs. How blessed we are! Alberto, from the bottom of our hearts and with every fiber of our being, THANK YOU! Alberto Vasquez Photography! You will not regret it! The proof is in the photograph.John and Melissa Ware; Husband and Wife, April 3, 2010.

My wife, Sandra, and I are fortunate and grateful to have had the pleasurable experience of working with Alberto. Sandra and I are very camera-shy and this showed in the first couple photos, but within minutes Sandra and I felt very comfortable with Alberto taking pictures, making us feel special, yet allowing us to feel like we were alone and able to be ourselves without being so self-conscious. This sense of comfort and confidence in Alberto’s fun and creative ideas and uniquely artistic eye helped to make amazing photos that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.Sandra and I favor contemporary, sleek styles in our clothing, decor, and art. In photography we favor this style as opposed to traditional portraits that you find in most living rooms and typical wedding albums. For our engagement and wedding photos, we were seeking a photographer who was capable of capturing this sense of style. We were excited and filled with enthusiastic anticipation when we met Alberto and saw his portfolio.We could not believe our eyes when Alberto showed Sandra and I our engagement photos. After this, our expectations were raised for our wedding photos. We were filled with excitement when Alberto showed us photos from our wedding day. He exceeded our expectations.One thing that Alberto does in his wedding photography is he uses photography to not only capture moments, but to tell a story about the special day and capture the details and emotions felt by all on this day. He is also able to capture the intense and passionate love, admiration, and respect that exist between my wife and I. Furthermore, while most people often feel rushed by their photographer and strict time limits, Sandra and I never found this to be an issue as Alberto was still full of energy wanting to capture more great shots and still coming up with new ideas following several hours of shooting. The enthusiasm, dedication, and passion that Alberto has for his photography is clear during and after a photo shoot.Sandra and I have already decided that throughout our life together when we require a photographer for couples shots, family photos, and even on future vacations we will only employ the talent of our newfound friend, Alberto Vazquez.-Román

WOW!!! That was better than I ever imagined. It captured the day so perfectly and I am so incredibly pleased with it! And you even surprised me at the end . That was so awesome!!! I couldn't have chosen a better person for the job. Thank you so much for all your hard work. It has been a pleasure working with you and I hope this is not good-bye. Please keep in touch.Gracias por todo. ~Erica Galicia.

Alberto,First of all, your work is amazing! Words cannot describe your artistry with the camera. You were able to capture our precious moments in a different light. You are definitely one of the best photographers I have ever known.Secondly, you are a great person to work with. You made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera and we had so much fun. You are so patient and it's obvious that you are very passionate about photography. You take the time to get the right shot.Lastly, we are happy to be a reference for you and we will definitely recommend you to all our friends and family. Thank You!

Angela and Derek Howorth